'I always start my design process with pen and paper'

Creating patterns for me always starts with sketching, whether it is sketching singular motifs or arrangements in a square. I love the texture and shade pencils create and the sharp fine lines I get from 0.05 fine liners. Drawing delicately has given my designs a great depth of detail. I like to design in a way that makes the illustrations look natural and timeless. 


Bamboo A2 Illustration - This sketch was for a Window Blind Originally drawn with pencil.



Sketchbook pages

Sketching motifs which I can then combine with other illustrations and textures in order to create patterns. 

drawings web.jpg

Illustrating stories or arrangements

I like sketching a scene or arrangement, these are not always a finished piece as I then tend to add to these illustrations with painted motifs or collect arrangements together to create a toile style pattern. 

drawings f.jpg